Top 3 Cheap Green Building Ideas for the Tropics

Top 3 Cheap Green Building Ideas for the Tropics
By Louise Pool
The powers that be here in the Seychelles do a lot of talking about eco tourism, sustainability and the environment and yet I don't hear a lot about building in a more sustainable manner. And there's a lot of building going on. One ugly building after another is popping up all over the islands. I sometimes wonder if we have no architects here (and if we do, they must be either extremely frustrated or out of work). It looks like a couple of construction companies have one set of plans they apply to every new building. They're all built from concrete with little air flow and Roman columns on the verandahs with air conditioning units sticking out on all sides like oversized Tic Tac containers. And then touted as executive apartments or houses. Strangely, we seem to have a lot of executives in the Seychelles...

The Dr. Seuss 12-Step Programme to Living Your Best Life

The Dr. Seuss 12-Step Programme to Living Your Best Life
By Louise Pool
The other day, my daughter was complaining about what she considered to be unethical behaviour by some of her friends. I responded by sarcastically suggesting that they probably hadn’t watched “Touched by an Angel” in their formative years. She figured it was probably a lack of Dr. Seuss.

And I realised that she was right. Dr. Seuss subtly (or not so subtly some might say) incorporates little nuggets of wisdom into all his books for children. Read Dr. Seuss to your kids and they will be forever “programmed” to strive to be their highest selves. If you haven’t read the man yet, it’s high time to do so yourself. I'm not sure if our local bookshops still stock any Dr. Seuss books (I bought all mine at Antigone, but that was years ago.). If you can't find any, I'm sure the lovely people at Chanterelle will order them for you.

Here’s some wisdom from Dr. Seuss and a little translation into Personal Growth Speak (PGS).

Top Five Coolest Beach Bars—And They're Not Here in the Seychelles

Top Five Coolest Beach Bars--And They're Not Here in the Seychelles
By Louise Pool
Anyone for another Seybrew?” The sun is setting and I'm sitting on a giant bean bag squishing my toes in the sand. Slow rhythmic music is playing in the background and all around me is lively chatter. I'm not mingling much tonight; I'm more in the mood for people watching and it's a good crowd gathered here to watch the sunset tonight. Maybe I'll stick around for a couple of hours and see if I can spot a falling star. 
Sadly, this scenario exists only in my imagination. There isn't a single cool bar on the beach in the Seychelles. Once upon a time, the Coral Strand had a good Happy Hour going on Sundays, but we all know what happened there...

The Secret to Retaining Your Virtue in Seychelles

The Secret to Retaining Your Virtue in SeychellesBy Louise Pool
Yesterday I got hit on by a toothless guy in a wheelchair. I was minding my own business, about to enter a small boutik malbar to buy my daily packet of Mahe Kings, when he wheeled over to me at breakneck speed. “Miss, you so beautiful.” he said, wheezing and coughing as he offered me a cigarette. With a smile on my face (I'm not really nasty and I'm not actually beautiful.), I politely declined. He became more insistent and then asked me for my phone number.

Now, if I had been in another country, I might have assumed this was just a lonely guy looking for a chat to brighten up his day. But this is Seychelles. The land where every man thinks he's God's gift to woman. Any woman. So I had to become a little more strident in defending my virtue.

Backpack Me Collaborative Post

View of Silhouette Island from Beauvallon BeachI contributed to a collaborative post at Backpack Me. People from all over have written a few lines about the country they live in. Mine is a little tips an tricks on what to do in the Seychelles. Go on over and take a look. 

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