How to Decorate with Sea Glass Even if You're Totally Craft Challenged

Call it sea glass, beach glass or mermaid's tears, it's just plain beautiful.
By Louise Pool
I love sea glass. Call it beach glass, mermaid's tears or verre bouteille as it's known in Seychelles, it's one of my favourite materials to work with when crafting. I collect shells and driftwood whilst beachcombing, but what really makes my day is when I find a particularly lovely piece of beach glass. In Seychelles, we get mostly green (Keep them coming Seybrew drinkers!), white and brown sea glass, but once in a while I come across a rare piece of violet or blue sea glass.

I know that not everyone enjoys making things, but that's no reason not to use sea glass as a decor accent in your home. Here are some ideas for the non-crafty on how to use these beach finds in your home to celebrate the beach lifestyle.

Put some in a tray and add some tea lights in a glass.

Tea lights on a bed of sea glass

Fill up a glass vase or bottle with sea glass.

Beach glass in glass vase

Add some water and a plant for some real underwater pizzazz.

Add sea glass to a clear vase filled with water and flowers

I use beach glass for crafting, but I need to store it somewhere before I use it and why not double up as decor? Store it in an antique bowl for a wabi sabi look.

wabi sabi beach glass in antique bowl

You can't beat the combo of sea glass and driftwood for real beach style.

Beach glass and driftwood decor

Or just place some in a large shell you've found during your beach walks.

Sea glass in a large shell decor piece

Finally, if you are feeling a little crafty after all, (just enough to use some glue), try sticking some on a glass vase or candle holder.

Seaglass vase

I hope this has inspired you to bring some beach indoors. Just don't go collecting all the sea glass here, please. I'd like some left for myself...

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