Back With a Vengeance

Well, I'm finally online again.

I visited Intelvision a couple of days before I moved and they assured me that I would be online within a week. I was pleasantly surprised, as things don't usually move that quickly over here. I paid in advance for both the reallocation and the monthly internet fee.

Then I went about my moving and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Finally, I phoned up Customer Service. The not so charming young woman at the end of the phone line informed me brusquely that Intelvision was currently doing a promotion and that I wasn't even scheduled for the reallocation. She told me that I would have to wait over two months.

I called again and got another Customer Service Rep (I asked for her by name as I had had a good experience with her previously.). Upon explaining that I didn't quite understand why an existing customer wouldn't be on the list for installation and asking (politely) why they didn't hire extra technicians to cope with their promotion, she very charmingly promised to "do something" and promised to call me back.

I waited again.

After four days, I phoned again and asked to speak to the second Rep. Strangely, she had no recollection of our phone conversation, but once again promised to do her best. She also promised to call me back the same day.

I waited again.

Five days later, my patience running a little thin, I called and demanded (still politely) to speak to the Head of Customer Service. The operator gave me the direct line of the second woman I had spoken to. I asked if she was the Head and was told "no, but she can help you". Not believing this any more, I became rather strident. Whereupon I was told that the Head of Customer Service was unavailable and not due to return to the office that day. I became even more strident and threatened to come down to the office to make a scene.

Amazingly, it turned out that Mr. Reza was in the office after all and dripping treacle in his efforts to placate me. He promised to phone back within 5 minutes.

And, hey presto, he actually did. And I was online within three days.

Moral of the story: Never pfaff about with underlings. And a little bit of intimidation will take you further that being nice and polite.


  1. L,
    The squeaky wheel gets the grease!
    Nice to have you back in the ether space...


  2. RichA,

    My grease of choice is usually charm though ...

    Nice to be back. I've missed you.


  3. You are so right! In order to get things done, you've got to go to the top!

  4. Like always believed; the threat to always come in person and make things sour for underlings do work.
    I work in an environment where everyone wants to assume undue prominence and ascribe authority to themselves just because you are faceless aand on the phone.
    Such is corporate life.


  5. It's unfortunate that it works that way.

    Nice insights and photos on your blog.

  6. Hmm... I've got a couple of these so-called business entities I should maybe send you after.

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