Enlightening Books for Enlightened Seychellois

I am currently reading Paolo Coelho's book "The Valkyries", which was passed on to me by a friend of my daughter (oh, enlightened youth!). Like so many books in Seychelles, it looks like it's been read by a hundred different people at least. It smells musty and "lizard-eggy" and is full of comments. At least they are in pencil, so I'm managing to ignore them. Now I'm hoping that the book doesn't fall apart on me; please let it last for some more poor souls who are starving for reading material.

Our one and only book shop on Mahé, Antigone, actually has a small but interesting selection of books. Aside from the coffee-table books on Seychelles, latest crime novels and bestsellers, the buyers at Antigone seem to be committed to raising the spiritual awareness of the Seychellois. There are always new shipments of personal development and spiritual growth books of the non-Catholic variety. These books are usually sold out within days, so I never get to buy them. I'm not really too bothered, as it's all old hat to me; I read them all before they got written. (More fool me for not writing them and making the big bucks!) Whilst I'm not too bothered about missing out on yet another book about the Law of Attraction, I would like to read more of the spiritual novels of the Paolo Coelho variety.

Being a resourceful human being (living in Seychelles has taught me a lot about looking for creative solutions to daily problems), I looked to the internet. And lo and behold! Paolo Coelho himself encourages pirating his books and actually has a site online. On my other blog, I've posted a few links where you can read or download his books in their entirety. Most are quick pdf downloads, so downloading from a slow Seychelles connection shouldn't be a problem.

Meanwhile, where are all the enlightened Seychelles residents who have been reading these books? If you're out there, please get in touch. And please don't tell me you're all sitting in meditation on a beach on La Digue...



    Hello from Faial Island - Azores.

    Come and meet our beautiful island in the middle of the Atlantic...


  2. Hello, very interesting read. One tiny nit pick, with regard to this particular post, you conclude by saying..."And please don't tell me you're all sitting in meditation on a beach on La Digue..."
    For a deepr understaning, what exactly did you intone? La digue is the most peceful of islands? Or is far away from you? Elucidate.

  3. Charlie,

    A bit of both, really. La Digue is where a lot of people from Mahe go to "get away from it all".




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