Need some time out on Praslin

Like most Seychellois, I hop off to Praslin when I need time out from the oh so hectic rat race on Mahé. It seems unbelievable, I know, that one might need a vacation to an even quieter place, but right now, I could do with a change and Praslin is the cheapest place to go to from here.

Last year, I stayed at the Villa Flamboyant for three nights. I was all on my own during the day and did nothing but read and swim in the ocean. The beach is pretty long there and wonderful for evening walks. That's all you can do there, because it's literally in the middle of nowhere. But oh so peaceful...

I took this picture from my breakfast table.

Isn't it tempting? I wish I had the time to go for a couple of days of seclusion...


  1. Oh my goodness - how amazing! to have that as your view in the morning, never mind...each morning!!! I am working on making that my reality one day (hopefully sooner rather than later). That is (in my opinion) how life should be...peacful...beautiful...and exotic!

  2. Oh my...that is my live in such a beautiful location!!! I live in Northern Ontario, Canada...on lake front property... but that picture is sooooo much more me!!!!!!!!!!


  3. This isn't my daily view. Yet. But I'm working on it :-).

    And if I ever do get my spiritual retreat centre on the beach, you're both welcome to come and share it.



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