Bus Trip Island Style

I don't have a car. This will be obvious to those of you who laughed at my gullibility re petrol prices.

Not being the proud possessor of a spanking new twin cab (anybody who is anybody in Seychelles has one of these), I have to take the bus when venturing further than Beau Vallon. I live in Bel Ombre and it's a mere twenty minutes on foot along the beach to my craft stall, so I prefer to walk than entrust my life to a bus driver who imagines himself to be Ayrton Senna.

Some time ago, Seybrew (the local brewery) brought in breathalyzers which they donated to the Seychelles police. Very public spirited of them, considering they are making huge profits on selling the booze. These breathalyzers were duly used and over 80 percent of the drivers tested showed alcohol levels over the limit. This figure included taxi drivers and (surprise, surprise!) bus drivers. The police reckoned that the machines must be faulty and sent them back to the factory. New breathalyzers were delivered with the same results. I understand they've stopped using them.

Join me on a bus ride in Seychelles for 40 seconds by watching this little gem of a video.

Actually, bus drivers here in the north of Mahé are usually the better drivers. We even have a regular bus schedule and an air-con bus every hour. The air-con buses are the equivalent of first class trains and you pay Rs5 versus the usual Rs3 to ride in luxury. I guess this is because we have more tourists here.

And the best bus driver of all is a woman. She's not only friendly, that chick is one smooth driver...

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