Rub a Dub Style, Man

It's not everyone's cup of tea, but I rather like these Pous Sa Dife guys. Pous Sa Dife literally means "push the fire" and these guys do have fire in their bellies.

Seychellois dance hall music is very popular in the clubs and at all the fetes like Regatta, etc. Evenings on the promenade, this stuff is blaring out of cars and, even walking along in a residential area on a Saturday night or Sunday afternoon, you'll hear this music blaring out of private homes, whilst the inhabitants are busy getting high on Seybrew and indulging their passion for dancing.

In other words: If you're in the Seychelles, it's unavoidable. So you might as well like it ...

This is a professionally made music video. If there are any music video producers reading this: there is clearly a niche market in the Seychelles for producing decent videos. Please come and save this industry...


  1. Having seen and heard some of the similar music popular here in the Canary Islands, I'm afraid to say that if there are any producers prepared to save an industry that, well, our need is greater. :)

  2. LOL That's horrifying to imagine. My heart goes out to you. :-)

    It must be an island thing.

  3. I'm not so sure about it being an island thing, have you seen some of the music videos that have come out of Belgium recently?

  4. No, I haven't. Are they showing them on MTV? We do get that here.

    But I have "fond" memories of past efforts from some of the Northern countries :-)

  5. Seychelles people, can you help me identify your music? I have two samples of two songs, but I'm unable to find them.

    if you can, let me know at aber at atlas point cz email, thanks!



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