Vroom, Vroom. Let the Friday Night Games Begin

On Friday nights the danger-loving intrepid young men of Seychelles meet up at Docklands for some seriously dangerous street racing. Young ladies between the ages of 18 and 20 are cordially invited to watch the daredevils as they race all of 500m from Docklands to the Supersave roundabout.

Do these young ladies get invited for a pizza at Docklands after having to watch the young guns race up and down the street all evening? Nope. It's straight home after the evening's entertainment and off to bed (usually alone) for the testosterone-driven lads.

Here's a little video so you can join in the fun and games...

Evo - Click here for more amazing videos


  1. Many moons ago, my crazy American friends taped a 8mm movie camera to the bumper of a Mini Moke and drove Montaigne Posse road as fast as possible. One had to take dramamine to watch the video!

    We usually did not go home alone :)


  2. LOL, did that car hit something? Hilarious! Pretty dangerous stuff.

  3. da boys should get out of their wheels ,clime up the tallest coconut tree to maybe impress those girls ...there other/safer way to win that gal silly boys...try sweet talk bro

  4. Are there any Seychellois boys left who can actually climb coconut trees? And, unfortunately, I don't think the young girls these days would be too impressed by that.

    On the other hand, I don't think they are too impressed with the racing either. My daughter was certainly bored out of her mind when she was dragged to a couple of these Friday nights.

    However, boys will be boys and always show off at that age. The girls are never too impressed, although the guys try their best. Sweet talking always works best, which is why the guys who realise this at a young age have a huge advantage...



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