The dogs ate my blog...

Puppy dogs in Seychelles

Yes, it's been years and I don't have a decent excuse.

Of course I've been busy, but who isn't?
Of course I've been employed, but how many are?
Of course I have a family, but how many others do?
Of course I (fill in the blank), but (fill in the blank)?

So, in lieu of a decent excuse: the dogs ate my blog.
However, I'm in the process of redesigning my life. I'm no longer employed and back to freelancing, which leaves me "free" to do as I please (as long as some shekels are coming in). I've taken up jewellery design again, I'm tour guiding and "The Great Seychellois Novel" is in the works.

I'm actually quite excited; new beginnings here, there and everywhere...

This is why I've decided to restart this blog. It has changed quite a lot (as have I). If I still have any followers out there, this used to be seychellesliving. I had two other blogs going, but, realistically, I'm never going to update all, so I took the decision of fusing them all into one personal blog. It might be a little all over the place,  but I'm hoping to get some kind of coherence eventually. I've left the old posts of seychellesliving up, even though they show up my shame by virtue of their dates (yes, the last was in 2008).

Sooo.... please accept my heartfelt apologies and I hereby vow to keep posting. And if I haven't posted in a while, you're welcome to shout abuse at me when you spot me in the streets of Victoria or lounging on the beach at Beauvallon. Please, however, refrain from physical violence.

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PS I've already given away the cute puppies in the picture above.

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