Why don't we have a beach shack at Beauvallon?

beach shack restaurant
Blanchard's Beach Shack in Anguilla
We have a couple of take away stands, mainly on the weekends. We have a few restaurants. We have some hotels and a new "architectural masterpiece" is being foisted upon us.

What we don't have is a cool beach shack.

I'm tired of seeing beautiful pictures of the beaches of Fregate and North Island all tastefully adorned with serene spa villas and the like. Most Seychellois can't visit them anyway and I, for one, would be keener to hang out at a colourful barefoot beach bar than to enjoy a hot stone massage overlooking a beautiful bay. Just thinking of the price of a relaxing massage makes me tense up enough to need one.

Yes, I know planning requires a new building to be built 25 m from the high water mark, but would tole or wood shack like the one above count? And would it matter if it were a few metres away? Put out a few simple tables and chairs, a healthy island style fast food menu and, voila, a cool hangout on the beach for islanders and tourists alike is born.

It needn't even cost a fortune; this guy has built one out of a small shipping container:

We have Butcher's Grill in town. Why don't we have a beach shack at Beauvallon?

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