A mini holiday at home

Mini vacation at homeLiving near the beach in a holiday resort, I often pretend I'm a tourist and go on a mini holiday. I usually take a book with me, some sun tan oil (which I never use otherwise), a colourful pareo and go plonk myself in one of the sunloungers at a hotel. It's lovely to while away the afternoon sipping (sometimes laced) coconut water and going for occasional dips to cool off. The people I meet invariably think I'm on holiday as well and I've struck up some really good conversations and met many interesting people from all walks of life.
At other times, I will go down the beach to be on my own, writing in my journal. It's amazing how a mini vacation can recharge your batteries and fire up your creativity. Try it!

Pack a big bag with:
some munchies
a journal or notebook and pen
a flask of your favourite beverage
a good book
some cash in case you feel like mixing with people in a cafe
a yoga mat or whatever you feel you might need

The key is to not plan ahead exactly when and where you plan to be. If you're going to the beach or woods, let your intuition guide you to the best spot. If you're visiting your town, be spontaneous and do exactly what you feel like doing at the moment. This might be sight-seeing, going to the museum or busking in front of a cafe. Let the day just unfold. Celebrate being. That's what you do when you're on a "proper holiday", isn't it?

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