The Coral Strand Hotel is Open Again - Sort of...

Contrary to everybody's expectations, the Coral Strand reopened as planned on 1st July. It's not open to the public yet and they have a total of 2 hotel guests. Some staff are working and the small kitchen is open to cater for the lonely guests. I don't envy them at all. Imagine going on holiday to a place touted as paradise and having to live in a hotel where the renovations are still ongoing.

So many people have come to this blog searching for information on what is happening at the Coral Strand this week, that I felt I had to do my duty. Intrepid reporter that I am, I snuck up this afternoon to take some pictures.

This is the front entrance of the newly 4-star rated hotel. The rooms are still as tiny as ever, far too small for a 4-star. And what is that thing on the left? A gatehouse of sorts to keep all us plebians out?

I can't see that anything has been changed at the bistro, except that it's obviously closed. No lunch or tea whilst gazing at the sea for the hotel guests.

Nor any lounging around the pool, unless the highlight of the holiday is watching the builders doing whatever it is they're doing.

I suppose the guests could always sit in this weird pavillion thingy whilst watching the labourers. Wonder why they replaced the lovely thatched roof with this circus tent and chairs reminiscent of the 1970s?

Is this one of the lonely guests? I took this picture during what are usually happy hours at the Coral Strand, so perhaps it's just some lost soul looking for a beer and a bit of cheer at the still closed pool bar. No joy for him, either way...

I feel really sorry for those poor guests. The management was very shortsighted in thinking the renovations would be done in two months (everybody told them it wasn't going to be possible in the Seychelles), but I reckon they were too greedy to pass up on the few bucks they could make. It's sheer irresponsible to take in clients and charge them the newly hefty prices for a lousy holiday. They should have moved them to another hotel and paid the difference.

I wonder how many other poor suckers are arriving this week for their holiday in hell...


  1. Your blog is a gem, Louise! Thanks so much for keeping us up-to-date with stuff...and best of all, thanks for the pics! :D

  2. And thanks to you and my other "loyal commetators"! It's really keeping me motivated.

  3. Hi Louise,

    Came across your blog yesterday & really enjoying it.
    As a Seselwa leaving abroad, it's a great feeling to catch up on everyday life back home from someone else perspectives.

    Keep them coming!!!




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