Ingrid Betancourt Swaps One Jungle for Another

It seems everybody who is somebody feels the need to visit Seychelles at some point or another. We've had Brad Pitt, Prince William and maybe even Jim Morrison gracing our shores with their luminance.

Now, Ingrid Betancourt is on a (much-needed I'm sure) holiday here after her 6 year ordeal in the Colombian jungle. It turns out that she lived here for two years in the early Eighties and had the dubious pleasure of giving birth to one of her children in Victoria Hospital. And, according to this article, even indulged in a spot of wet-nursing whilst here.

Sarcasm aside, I truly wish the poor woman has a good holiday here with her kids. If anyone needs the peace of Seychelles, she does.

Who next, I wonder? Obama? He seems to be as keen on indulging his wanderlust as the last Pope...


  1. Peace in Seychelles? Wow! That's a luxury for some I suppose!

  2. kreolwa,

    The nature of the islands lends itself for people who are seeking peace. So this luxury is attainable for everybody if you go out and look for it for yourself. I maintain you can do this even if you hate the politics or live in Les Mamelles. It's up to the individual to take responsibility for their own peace.

    And I don't mean being doped up and conked out on the beach either ... :-)

  3. Ciao d Venezia, Italia.

    My dream is live in a paradise as seychelles or polynesia but is only a dream....

  4. arechesostufo,

    Dreams can come true if you go for them...

    Venice is a dream place for me. I finally visited a few years ago and fell in love with the place. If I would ever move to a city, Venice would be my first choice.

  5. Who's next? Me! :) I'm going to Seychelles on Sunday for a honeymoon. Couldn't wait to it. :) Thanks for your blog - it's a great source of inspiration. Sometimes more helpful than those travel guides... :)

  6. AJ,

    Thanks for your kind words. Hope you had a wonderful honeymoon. (I would have wished you ahead of time, but only just got online again.)

    If you come again, do get in touch. I'd love to meet up.

  7. Apparently Obama went to Seychelles early this year! :D



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