Desperately Seeking Rental Accommodation

Just like many others on this island, I'm looking for a house or flat to rent in the north of Mahé.

My landlord is tearing the house down in the beginning of August so that he can build executive flats to rent out in Euros. There is hardly an owner on the island these days who is willing to rent out in Seychelles Rupees. This is largely thanks to the developers of Eden Island and some of the new luxury hotels who are more than happy to shell out their foreign exchange to accommodate their staff.

What, I wonder, will happen when these people finish building their own houses (as is planned)? The bubble is bound to burst then and all these renters will be stuck with their over-priced apartments and houses.

I put an ad on Seybay, our local online classifieds site and got a phone call from someone today who is renting out a 3-bedroom flat in Beau Vallon for Euros 1000. On the black market (which is how everbody calculates these days) that is SR 20'000. I could manage Euros 500 if pushed, but even that is a ridiculous amount.

Two years ago, you could get a nice 3-bedroom house in North Mahé for SR 6000 per month. That's bad enough considering that the average wage here is SR 3'500 a month. This is why most single people stay with their parents until well into their 30s.

Sleeping on the beach is dangerous these days, so I don't even have that option.

I live in hope of a miracle...


  1. I hope you will be able to find a new place soon enough. Searching for a new place can be very tiring.

  2. That sounds like a very difficult position to be in. I hope that you find a place to live that is affordable.

  3. Sorry about this.Hope u find a place soon,I also will be in the same position in 4 months time.But ,hey good luck with your search.Cheers

  4. hello you, Im living in Norway and I never will go from here and stay another place. Because Im tinkin about the osean and everyting under our sun is going to be under water after not so long time......................what is this? I just wonder??????????????

  5. Good luck with the dwelling search but I'm sure you will manage something.

    Take care.

  6. Thank you everyone for your good wishes!

    Frank Talk - Good luck to you in four months!

    Beate - I don't think water is going to be our only problem in the world...

  7. I am currently looking forward to live on an island and I can't thet the price in Seychelles are expensive , i hope by now you already found something that you like and not as silly expensive -azura

  8. Azazura,

    Yes, prices are high here, especially in comparison to South East Asia and other places that offer tropical islands...

    I have found something, thanks, but at a high price, I'm afraid.

  9. hi, i'm planning to visit seychelles , do you think you could assist me with reasonable rent living with locals if it's any possible?



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