WW: Sunset at Fisherman's Cove with Clouds over Silhouette Island


  1. Thanks for the soothing photo.

    Wish I were there with a cold Sey Brew, breaking the silence with a belch. lol

    For a completely different view of Silhouette:


    Click on the map and the "Map Viewer" will load (with Flash enabled).

    Choose the "zoom in" tool at the top of the page. Point and click on the Seychelles location about 7 times.
    Select "Nation Boundaries" on the right side of the page. Click on "Refresh Map" on right lower part of the page.

    Now you can see Silhouette atop the Lost Continent of Lemuria...


  2. The sunset over Bel Ombre is always spectacular.

    Great picture.

    Have a great week and happy WW!


  3. This shot is peaceful and tranquil!

  4. RichA - You had me clicking for over half an hour on that site only to prove to myself that my knowledge of geography is abysmal. I couldn't even find Seychelles...

  5. I'm very lucky in that this is my daily walk home...

  6. No worries L,
    Most Americans can not find Canada on a map!!!
    Can we be becoming more technically sophisticated and ignorant at the same time? lol

    It is worth the time to find the Seychelles, just North of Madagascar
    (that big Island off the South-West of Africa) :)

    The historic geology of the Seychelles is fascinating!
    Plate Tectonics teaches us
    the Seychelles granite mountains formed in Southern Africa, broke off the main continent with the Indian Plate, Madagascar separated as the Indian Plate traveled North.
    Seychelles Plate separated to it's (generally)present position. The Indian Plate continued North colliding with the Asian Plate, forming the Himalayan mountains.

    Where is the proof? The uniquely identical granite rocks the comprise the Seychelles also presently exist in Northern Madagascar and North/-Western India.
    I will look for the flash movie animation link that is worth mote than 1K words. :)

    So, Seychelles is it's own continent, as the sea floor map clearly shows. Some claim it to be Lemuria with the present day Islands as sentinels.


  7. RichA,

    North of Madagascar is where I was looking; I probably just didn't recognise it. :-) I'll try again.

    I knew that it has now even been classified as a micro-continent, geologically speaking. Personally, I've always loved the Lemuria idea. Paradise lost?

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