Don't Have to Set Up a Tent After All!

After looking for a place to rent for over three months, I've finally found a house. As usual, it was pretty last minute with one and a half weeks to go before my moving out date.

But what a house! Yes, I am paying a fortune for it (and, of course, some of it in Euros), but it is huge. I am now the proud to-be-renter of a "villa" with 4-bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 living rooms, a study and an atelier. I've never had so much space in my life and I'm sharing it with only my two kids. I fear we'll be wandering the halls like lost souls in space. My daughter is worried about my son and I being lonely next year when she'll leaves to study abroad and says that I need to find a man by then. It's a novel idea; get a man to fill a house ...

The atelier is ideal, because I've long wanted space to do Reiki and other "spiritual life coaching" in and now I no longer have any excuse to put it off. So apart from the excitement of moving, I'm also getting worked up about the business I'll be starting.

There is no internet connection in the house, so I might be offline for a couple of weeks until Intelvision sets up my connection. I have pre-posted the Wordless Wednesdays and hope to post something inbetween from the internet cafe.

That's if I ever come down the hill. My only regret is that I'll be leaving Bel Ombre and moving to Glacis. Visto Do Mar Estate is a pretty swanky area, but I shall miss the atmosphere of Bel Ombre and the proximity to the beach.

Thank you to all my well-wishers; I am sure the "good vibes" really helped.

Off to new shores! Or hills, as that may be ...


  1. I'm glad you found somewhere. With all that space, I'm close to asking if you'd like a lodger! :)

  2. Pamela - Thanks! A lodger sounds like a good idea. Then I won't have to take up my daughter's suggestion... Or if anyone like you ever needs a break, give me a shout. Beats Yarmouth :-)

    Seybay - Thank you. Not just for the "Congrats!", but for helping me find this in the first place. I placed an alert for a house.

  3. Heee haaa....just happy 4 u..enjoy your new place ,stay well n good luck.

  4. Thanks, Frank Talk! Hope you are as lucky when it the time comes for you to move.

  5. I am free and I am house trained!
    still in sa though so...
    Hope you are very happy in your new home. Dont worry about the cost because when you finally leave this life you also leave everything you own behind. Enjoy your new home.

  6. Wow, Louise!
    This sounds like a possible "spa" vacation destination!

  7. Star and Ferd - You're very welcome to visit. :-)



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